The name of BLACK CRYSTAL is derived from Mr.
Liu Xuepeng’s first snow mountain adventure in 1998,
who is the founder of the company.
His goal was the Snow Treasure Summit, which is
located in Aba, Sichuan of China, with an altitude
of 5588 meters. The journey was more difficult
than expected. The mountain sickness, snowstorm,
getting lost, falling rock…all these difficulties
obstructed the upwarding step of the whole
mountaineering team and they had to start descent.
On the way back, Mr. Liu met with a bright black
crystal rock and he believed it’s some kind of fortune
and blessing. So he stayed in a submontane Tibetan
village while others packed to leave. After a long wait,
the Snow Treasure Summit finally was unveiled from
the cloud. Thanks to the good weather, the courage
and the fortune brought by the black crystal, all their
blessing contributed to his successfully climbing
alone within 56 hours from the village to the summit
and then came back. It’s really amazing and
impressive at that time. After going back to Beijing,
Liu Xuepeng was deeply in love with the mountaineering,
and decided to devote his life to helping more people
pursuing the passion for adventure, by providing
professional gears. Since then, Mr. Liu set up a goal
not only for the next peak, but also for building the
world-class professional outdoor brand.Since founding,
committed to the principle that the best quality and service
deliver an enhanced experience for outdoor
enthusiasts. Just like the natural crystal rock, shine after thousands of year’s deposition under pressure and high temperature. The pursuing
of perfection finally comes to a beautiful crystal. Our constantly striving for excellence of technique, material, and service build the
BLACK CRYSTAL Quality, which we are so proud of and will pursue forever.