Black Crystal, leading professional gaiters supplier.

The idea of making the best gaiters in China came out in 2001 .After years of development, now we have
R&D center in Beijing and Chengdu. And our own factory, together with the warehouse, is about 75 miles
away from the Beijing Office, which has the capacity of 10,000-15,000 pairs per month.

With senior climbing enthusiasts contributing their wisdom and efforts to the designing and testing, we
have successfully developed a series of gaiters which meet different demands of outdoor sports. We
colllaborate with manufacturers and suppliers to find the best fabrics and materials. Our team of
designers are constantly researching the latest manufacturing developments and techniques to stay at
                                                                                                     the forefront of the industry.We work with
                                                                                                     leadingbrands like CORDURA®, eVent®,
                                                                                                     and YKK® to get the materials with balance
                                                                                                     for durability and weight.

                                                                                                     Black Crystal cultivates a culture of design
                                                                                                     perfectionism to develop ingenious
                                                                                                     functionally beautiful gaiters. From our
                                                                                                     Beijing base , we have grown into a brand
                                                                                                     which is the bestseller for gaiters in
                                                                                                     domestic market and also do a good
                                                                                                     performance in overseas online retail market.
                                                                                                     brands also win consistent high praise.
                                                                                                      Our OEM&ODM products for dozens of
                                                                                                     “Professional, derived from the focus”. That's
the core value of Black Crystal. It continues to drive research and development of new techniques,
materials, technologies and production methods.By focus on gaiters, our only product, which is small
but necessary, we help people exploring their outdoor passion in the mountains and deserts of the
planet we love so much.